Full CMS Set up

A Content Management System (CMS) is a technological innovation that allows website stakeholders to easily maintain and manage the content of their own websites. How easy is it? If you are comfortable with basic Microsoft Word use you will be at ease with our content management systems. Your designated website administrator can login to your business’ website at any point in time to make whatever necessary changes. Satisfy your business needs immediately with a CMS.

Twoeyesforward Cms

Manage your Calgary business' website with a Content Management System (CMS)

Two Eyes Forward offers a content management system that is a flexible and cost-effective solution, professionally designed so that anyone within your company can manage your business' website. Website programming experience is not required.

Key Benefits of a CMS

  • Speed and flexibility in adding, editing and maintaining website content on the fly
  • Reduce your web maintenance costs by making changes in house
  • Reduces time to publish to the web for critical content
  • Easy to use interface for non-technical individuals
  • Empowers marketing & communication professionals and lets easily them manage their web content
  • Enables collaboration across multiple offices or levels of authorization
  • Eliminates "Webmaster/IT" bottlenecks

Our experienced and professional web developers can create custom additions to our Content Management System to fit your business' needs. Does your business have a specific data requirement, need to allow customers or clients access to certain information or does your business have to customize an existing module? Two Eyes Forward stays at the forefront of the web development industry in Calgary and we can develop virtually any CMS solution required by your business.

Contact us now and we will be happy to meet with you to review your website and propose a tailored solution based on your specific business needs. You can start by requesting our complimentary website review.